Combat Bots - 2015



Currently taking Advanced Robotics

About the Event

Each team of up to 4 students will sketch and design their 4lb Battle Bot on paper. Then after finalizing their design, will model the whole Battle Bot in Autodesk Inventor or the CAD Software of their choice. Once completely modeled, each team will create each toolpath in a CAM Software of their choice to create the parts for the Combat Bot. They will then run their programs on each of our CNC Machines to bring their creation to life. The goal is to be the last Combat Bot standing after a bracket of matches. It is a fun, innovative, and competitive way for teams to learn new skills!

Organized by Mr. Clark.

2015 Participating Schools

General Rules

Each Combat Bot may weigh no more than 4 pounds
Must have a Weapon Safety
Must have an Electrical Kill Switch
All weapons are legal expecpt for interfearence devies and flamethrowers
Batteries must be protected
Controlers must use bonded pairing

Full Rules

May 1st info for Combat Bots 2015
Combat Bots 2015 Liability Release
Video Consent Form
Points for Judges Combat 2015
4lb Combat Bot Safety Checklist
Full Rule List 2015

2014 Winners

1st Place - Thurnis (PR)
2nd Place - H.O.G (PR)
3rd Place - Doritio (PR)

Combat Bot Videos

Combat Bot Pictures