Advanced Robotics Engineering


Credit Value: 1.0
Term(s) Offered: Full Year
Prerequisite(s): Robotics 70% or higher
Open to Grades: 11, 12

About Advanced Robotics Engineering

In this course, students expand the knowledge they have learned in Robotics Engineering. Students are introduced to programming jointed arm robots and understand how they are used in manufacturing. As an entire class, students will use a team approach to create a manufacturing work cell that is completely automated and tested for accuracy and cost efficiency. In today’s manufacturing, many products are produced quickly and accurately through the use of automation. Students learn how to use CAM software to create tool paths for CNC machines such as mills and plasma cutters. For the final project, students use 3D engineering software to design a 4lb battle robot which competes in a 6’x6’ enclosed Lexan arena. Once the design is finalized, students fabricate the robot out of various metals and polymers using CNC machines. These robots will then battle robots made by their classmates and students from other schools in a double elimination bracket. Additionally students taking this course have the opportunity to interview with local manufacturing companies for summer internships.

Course Goals/Objectives

Manufacturing in the U.S. is facing a critical shortage of engineers and technicians. A whole generation is retiring and there are not enough qualified young people to replace them. Contrary to headlines, the U.S. is a world leader in precision manufacturing and innovation. Today's manufacturing is complex and high tech, requiring problem-solvers with good STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
Students who are looking to pursue a degree in the follow areas should seriously consider taking this course: Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Health & Safety Engineering, Precision Machinist, Quality Engineer, and Industrial Engineering.

Course Outline:

Unit 1- Robotic Manufacturing
Lesson 1- Introduction to Robotic Manufacturing
Lesson 2- Lynxmotion Robotic Arm Programming
Lesson 3- Manufacturing Work Cell Project
Unit 2- Introduction to CNC Manufacturing
Lesson 1- Jobs in the Field of CNC Manufacturing
Lesson 2- Types of CNC Machines
Lesson 3- CNC Machine Safety
Lesson 4- Machining Math
Unit 3- CNC Equipment and Language
Lesson 1- Tool Holding and Tooling Types
Lesson 2-Feeds and Speeds
Lesson 3- Coordinate System
Lesson 4- CNC Program Language (G&M Code)
Lesson 5- Work Holding and Solutions
Lesson 6 Material Machinability
Unit 4- Introduction to Autodesk HSM Cam Software
Lesson 1- 2D Toolpaths
Lesson 2- 3D Toolpaths
Unit 5- CNC Machine Operation
Lesson 1- CNC Plasma Cutting
Lesson 2- CNC Router Machining
Lesson 3- CNC Haas Vertical Machine Milling
Lesson 4- Graphic Machine Technology
Unit 6- Combat Bot Project
Lesson 1- Introduction to Combat Bot Robots
Lesson 2- Design and 3D Modeling
Lesson 3- CAM Toolpathing
Lesson 4- Manufacture Robot Parts
Lesson 5- Assembly of Parts
Lesson 6- Electronic Components
Lesson 7- Test, Redesign, Practice
Lesson 8- Compete
Lesson 9- Reflection/Complete notebook

This course is currently taught by Mr.Clark.

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