Intro to Technology & Engineering


Credit Value: 1.0
Term(s) Offered: Full Year
Prerequisites: None
Open to Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

About Intro to Technology & Engineering

This course is recommended for first year students to introduce them to different areas of Technology Education at Pine-Richland High School. The areas covered in the course are Informational Systems, Construction Systems, and Transportation Systems. This class is divided into three equal sessions in each of the above areas. In the Construction Systems area, the students use various materials and tools and are exposed to the safe operation of the major hand and power tools used in the manufacturing processes. The Informational Systems area includes Computer Aided Design (CAD) and architectural and engineering design. The Transportation Systems area includes topics covering air transportation, land transportation and an introduction to robotics and power technology.

This course is currently taught by Mr.Cadamore, Mr.Scott, Mr.Clark, Mr.Maple and Mr.Seybert.

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